Sunday, April 8, 2012

Workout #71 of 2012 ~ Cardio Game

As I started out on the elliptical tonight, my legs felt like dead-weights.  I adjusted the resistance down a level and powered through.  Tonight I watched the most recent Vampire Diaries episode (so I'm all caught up) with the rule that I could not check the time until the 4th commercial break.  At that time, I was past the 30-minute mark and proceeded to up the ante every time I met one of my mini-goals.  So tonight I ended up with 3.6 miles and 449 calories burned in 45:19.  As it turns out, at the beginning I had set the resistance up a level higher than normal, so when I decreased it, I was at my normal level.  I'm about a week ahead on my workouts which is awesome.  I've been trying to get ahead in preparation for busy weekends where it will be hard to fit in workouts and vacations when I probably won't workout (just being honest here).  I'd rather stay ahead than get behind :).

Feeling pretty great right now.  Time to get a snack so I don't go low tonight!


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