Sunday, April 8, 2012

Workout #70 of 2012 ~ Yoga, a Family Affair

I know I sound like a broken record but this week has been so stressful with Brady gone.  I thought the older the kids got, the easier they were supposed to be.  This is NOT the case right now.  2 and 5 together means lots of bickering, antagonizing, screaming, crying, requesting, etc.

So I needed some yoga!  I did my favorite, 10 Pound Slimdown: Yoga with Chris Freytag and it was much appreciated... Even with Kailee running over my hand with her baby stroller and with Gavin trying to get me to look at him creating his own yoga moves.  By the end, I was fighting for a spot on my mat as both kids attempted the last several moves.  A family that works out together stays healthy together :).

Despite the distractions, I still feel a lot better.  Yoga is quite empowering.


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