Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Workout 31 of 2011 (Ripped in 30 Level 2 Day 5)

Yea!  I'm done with level 2!  I still had to cheat through the plank moves and table, but overall it was the easiest to do today.  Thus, I know I've made progress and gotten stronger!

I feel so relaxed right now.  I am grateful for all the endorphins making me feel stress-free in this blissful moment.

And that's why I love working out!

Side note: I just realized that if I workout tomorrow I will have worked out 15 out of 31 days in March.  That's kinda awesome!  Hopefully my bloodsugar cooperates and I can!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

30% of the way down! Workout 30 of 2011 (Ripped in 30 Level 2 Day 4)

I am officially 30% to my goal of 100 workouts in 2011!  WOOHOO!!!!

Tonight I returned to level 2 and it seemed a lot easier compared to level 3.  I still have to cheat my way through it (my shoulders/arms can only support my weight for so long) but it's getting more manageable.

Workout quote of the week: "Your body hears everything your mind says." – Naomi Judd
So instead of saying you can't, say you will!  I will finish up level 2 this week so I can move on to level 3!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Workout 29 of 2011 (Ripped in 30 Level 3 day 1)

I had to do it, I had to try level 3 today.  It is VERY hardcore compared to levels 1-2.  There were some moves of which I will never be capable.  I don't mean to sound negative but I have a severely inflexible upper-back so I cannot do the table move correctly--my upper-back won't allow it.  Also, some side-plank moves are impossible for me because a single elbow joint cannot handle supporting my body weight.  Jillian usually incorporates a modified version that makes it still possible but this workout did not have one.  When I encounter situations like this, I do something similar that is physically possible for me.  I don't take a break!  That is one perk from when I used her website last summer, every move had a link to a different move that worked the same muscles in case someone couldn't/didn't want to do something on that day's workout plan.

I will say this much, I really enjoyed this level despite it's difficulty.  I plan to go back and finish level 2 but I am excited to do level 3 again soon.  It's fun and it introduced me to more cardio moves that I can do without hurting my ankles/knees.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workout 28 of 2011

I failed to mention that my workout last night was done barefoot which today resulted in nagging shin splints.  That was a bad call on my part.

Tonight the whole fam walked to the park (about 1 mile away), ran around a lot and then walked home.  When we did this exact activity this weekend, I didn't count it as a workout but I'm thinking it should count.  Being active is being active.  In this beautiful weather, our every-other-night walks will likely become a popular "workout" on here; however, I fully intend to lengthen the route by going up and down streets in the neighborhood along the way.  I doubt the kids would mind as Gavin rides his bike and Kailee rides in her convertible stroller/trike.

Yea for beautiful weather!
Gavin and Kailee on their bikes!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workout 27 of 2011

Tonight I did random Jillian Michael circuit moves while watching the Biggest Loser.  I DVR it and was dying to watch.  I did not feel like doing the elliptical so my only option was to do various moves that I know by heart from Jillian's DVDs.  I feel good and look forward to doing level 2 of Ripped in 30 tomorrow night!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Workout 26 of 2011 (Ripped in 30 level 2 day 3)

Workout quote of the week: "Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent." – Marilyn vos Savant, Columnist

I picked the quote because of my horrible last workout.  It made me not want to workout yesterday and made it difficult to muster up enough motivation to exercise today.

Though I didn't actually workout yesterday, I did push Kailee to the park and back (2 miles) and ran around chasing the kids, so at least it was an active day.  It's days like yesterday and today that make me wish I could run.  It's PERFECT running weather.  Unfortunately my knees and ankles still say "no way!"

Today Brady agreed to workout with me--though he wanted to do the kettlebell workout again.  I convinced him to try out this workout, but it was very hard on his knees.  I think it upset him that he had to modify some of the exercises, but Jillian always says to do what you can while not pushing so hard that you injure yourself.  Tonight, I kinda hated Jillian.  My upper body is stronger than it's ever been but it's still not strong enough to not drop to my knees in the plank and pushup (I do girl version) exercises.  I feel like I shouldn't move up to level 3 until I no longer cheat but I don't think I have the desire to stay with this level that long, LOL.  At this point in time, I still plan to do 2 more workouts of level 2 before moving on to level 3.

Friday, March 18, 2011

1/4 of the way to my goal! Workout 25 of 2011

I can't believe I've already done 25 workouts this year.  I feel like I just started working towards my goal of 100 workouts.  It's so exciting to see that I'm making big progress this year so far.  There are still 9.5 months left in the year and I already reached 25% of my goal.  It feels awesome!

I just have to stay on track.  I have been good about not overdoing it the weeks I'm particularly motivated.  Because of this, I have not gotten burnt out at all.  This week I do plan to do some extra workouts since I'm off for spring break, thus making it okay to slack off next week if I struggle getting back into the swing of things.

Today's workout was one of the worst I've had in awhile.  I was motivated to do it but once I got started, it was apparent that I have absolutely zero stamina today.  I believe this is due to various factors including but not limited to my lack of significant water consumption over the break, coughing my head off all night, being a couch potato yesterday and today, and still being PAINFULLY sore from my workout on Wednesday.  Regardless, I did 15 excruciating minutes on the elliptical followed by various Jillian Michaels ab moves from No More Trouble Zones.  I feel sluggish even as I type.

Here's to a better workout tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Workout 24 of 2011 (Ripped in 30 Level 2 day 2)

Today I returned to level 2 and was DREADING it.  I was dreading it so much that when I actually did it, it did not seem as bad as I remembered.  The couple of cardio moves that I could not do (high knees and jump rope) I substituted with the modified form of skaters and fast feet from level 1.  This made the workout go more smoothly than when I have to jump on the elliptical for 30 second intervals of cardio.

Right now my arms are shaking pretty bad from all the plank moves and from the other exercises that require you to hold your body weight with your arms.  My arms are a lot stronger than they were a year ago but they are still kinda weak.

I plan to take advantage of being off the next two days by working out during nap time.  That way, if I feel like being lazy next week, I can justify it :).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Workout 23 of 2011 (Ripped in 30, Level 1, day 5)

Workout quote of the week: "Strength is the product of struggle" – Unknown

Tonight I did level 1 for the last time :(.  Yes, I am sad to be leaving the easy level behind, LOL.  I really enjoyed my last go at it.  I definitely think that once I complete the program, I will still come back to level 1 from time to time!

I'm heading out of town tomorrow so the earliest I will workout again is Wednesday.  My next workout is supposed to be level 2 and I know it's going to be hard.  That is why I picked the the quote I picked for this week.  If I want to get to where level 2 is easy, I have to push through,  I will get stronger through this struggle!  Cue the dramatic, yet cheesy, music.

What's really cool right now is that I can see some muscle definition in my arms and legs.  It's amazing to be able to visibly see changes happening.  Don't get me wrong, I can tell I am significantly smaller than I was a year ago, but I've never really been toned (though I did have amazing legs growing up thanks to figure skating and running).  If only my abs would visibly tone.  As I keep saying to Brady, I'm pretty sure there's a six pack in there somewhere, it just might not ever show through.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Workout 22 of 2011 (Ripped in 30, Level 1, day 4)

Today's workout was not the best.  I was feeling sluggish and then in the middle of the 3rd circuit realized I was low.  So I had to stop a little earlier than anticipated.  It still counts though!  I stopped at the 27 min mark, meaning I had completed a 20 min workout with 5 min warmup.  I had to drink some juice before cooling down but in my brain, a workout must be at least 20 minutes plus 5 min warmup/cooldown to count.  So I still count today's!

The only bad thing about today's workout is that it happened on a fat day.  I've been having fat days almost everyday this week, which SUCKS!  If you are a girl, you know what I'm talking about.  It doesn't matter that all my clothes fit or that the scale still has me at 139.3.  I am having a fat week and it's no fun!

Tomorrow starts a new workout week so hopefully I will get out of this fat-day-funk!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Workout 21 of 2011 (Ripped in 30, Level 2 Day 1)

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to try level 2!  It was HARD.  There are so many plank moves that my arms are still shaky.  During the cardio section of circuit 3, my TV started messing up so I could not really see how the moves were supposed to be executed for the rest of the workout.  I managed as best as I could but definitely need to make sure the TV has had it's 30 minutes of freak-out time (the screen races) before working out.

Something difficult for me is that this level requires more flexibility.  I know that Jillian Michaels is "notoriously inflexible" (her words) but compared to me, she's the most flexible person in the world.  I need to look into moves to increase flexibility.  I can't even touch my toes without bending my legs and when stretching, I can only touch my right toes.  My left are beyond my grasp.

Another thing I've noticed is that she's made some of the modified moves more difficult than they have been on other DVDs.  For example, Mountain Climbers have more spring even in the modified version.  Is it sad that I still immediately assume I need the modified version after all this time?  Sometimes I do, but most of the time, I should be pushing myself towards the advanced move.

I may go back to level one the next 2 days before officially moving up to level 2.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"You don't need to workout!"

This week was the first time someone ever said to me: "You don't need to workout!"

I have said that very comment to many girls throughout the last 10-15 years and I finally could understand why they did not agree with my opinion.  I used to assume that people who were thin did not "need" to workout.  I've never been one for working out especially when I was thin in the past.  Now, my perspective is completely different.  The last year and a half has changed my opinion.  People workout for many reasons... To lose weight, to train for an event, to relieve stress, to tone, to control a disease, to maintain a weight, to be able to eat more, to be fit and healthy, because they enjoy it.

Until I discovered how much I loved circuit training (Jillian Michaels style)  I only worked out to lose weight.  I could appreciate someone working out to train for a marathon or something but otherwise, I didn't really "get" it until last year.  Now, I workout for many reasons...

1. I am trying to get toned and stay toned.
2. I like that I can eat out a lot and maintain my weight.
3. I enjoy the workout itself.
4. I feel good after exercising.
5. It's an AMAZING stress reliever.

When I say I need to workout, I don't mean that I need to lose weight.  I mean that I need to fulfill one of the 5 reasons listed above.  I get it now and I apologize to anyone I may have told that they didn't need to workout!

Workout 20 of 2011 (Ripped in 30, Level 1 Day 3)

I'm 20% of the way to my goal!  Yea!

I have been really hungry the last couple of days and my bloodsugars have been all over the place--mostly low--so I haven't been able to workout until today.  2 more days on this level and then I'm up to level 2!

Workout Quote of the week: "If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Workout 19 of 2011 (Ripped in 30 Level 1 Day 2)

I wasn't actually planning to workout, but when I got home from Open House, I still had the adrenaline rush that comes with over-complimentary parents :).  Thus, I knew I should utilize my energy and do it.  So I did--this time with 3lb weights!  Yesterday I cheated and used my 2lb weights :).  Today it was more difficult with the heavier weights but definitely doable.  I almost did level 2 but I really want to do the program as it's intended.  So 3 more workouts at this level and then I'm moving on up!

Oh, and my hip has not bothered me all day!  I did notice a slight pain during one of the exercises tonight but that's it, so yea!

Off-topic but funny...  Tonight I was talking about someone named Jillian and I couldn't remember her last name.  My 4-year-old, Gavin, leaned in and whispered to me, "Mommy, her last name is Michaels."  LOVED IT!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Workout 18 of 2011 (Ripped in 30 Level 1 Day 1)

Despite my hip pain, I could not wait any longer to try out Jillian Michaels' new DVD Ripped in 30.  Before I go into my experience I want to give the disclaimer that I now am not sure if it's a pulled muscle because it feels NOTHING like a strained muscle (of which I have much experience thanks to the 10 years of figure skating).  I was very careful in my workout and while it's still a bit sensitive, it's definitely better today than it was yesterday.

So about my new DVD...  Jillian has 4 levels that are intended to be done 5-6 times each over the course of 30 days.  She recommends at least 1 day of rest a week.  Each workout has 3 circuits following her 3-2-1 program: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs.  This is a sequel to her popular and amazing 30 Day Shred.  The shred is what made me a Jillian Michaels' fan and follower.

Of course I began with level 1 even though I figured it SHOULD be easy for someone like me who is in pretty good shape.  I must say, this is the first level 1 workout on any of her DVDs that I actually agree is a beginner's workout.  She moves slowly throughout each circuit and you end up doing less reps compared to other workouts.  Due to my joint issues, I cannot do some of the cardio moves--something I've grown accustomed to in her workouts--so I jumped onto the elliptical when necessary.  Though the workout overall was easy, I still worked up a sweat and relished in the fact that I am in such good shape that the "beginner" workout did not knock me down.

The main difference between this and the Shred is that the strength part incorporates more than 2 moves per circuit.  The Shred always wipes me out because you do one movement for 30 seconds and then a combo legs/arms movement for a whole minute.  I find that my weakling arms (though getting stronger) still do not like the minute long of doing the same movement OVER and OVER and OVER for a gazillion reps.  Ripped in 30 has 3-4 different moves in each 3-minute strength portion of each circuit.  My arms are thankful for that, plus it made it possible to work a larger variety of muscles.

My plan at this time is to do level 1 four more times, then level 2 five times, level 3 five times and then level 4 and see if I notice a difference.  While I'm not looking to lose weight, I'm hoping to see some changes in my muscle definition.  Let's see if Jillian will get me ripped in 30!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So that pain I've been feeling on my right hip is a pulled or strained muscle!  It is not a constant pain, though some movement triggers a sharp pain in my hip area.  I am guessing this is due to the kettlebell workouts from last week :(.  Everything I'm reading online suggests not working the muscle--which is hard to do seeing as how it's part of my core.  It looks like my only option is the elliptical as long as it does not hurt to use it.  THIS SUCKS!!!!  My new Jillian Michaels DVD arrived today and I want to do it! :(