Sunday, January 30, 2011

Workout #5 of 2011

After a fun weekend of eating lots of delicious--though not exactly healthy--food, I finally got the opportunity to workout.  I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and kinda wanted to stay on it just to keep reading Hunger Games (which I'm only allowed to read on the elliptical to keep me motivated to use the elliptical).  After that I did circuits 2 & 3 of No More Trouble Zones.

My diabetes is being a bit unmanageable since I've been consistently working out for a week.  I have decreased my basal rates significantly and think I'm going to have to do it again.  I tested before this workout and was 194 (1 hour post-dinner).  Unless I'm really high, I take my pump off to workout and today was no exception.  I just tested after finishing and was 74.  This proves 1 or both of 2 things.  One, it was an intense workout and/or two, my insulin adjustments are still not quite where they need to be while I'm such an exercise fiend.  (Side note, 74 is perfect but because I just finished a workout, it is likely it's just starting the slope downward and will need to be treated soon).

I'll keep making adjustments and hope I stay on this exercise regime (average 3 workouts a week) otherwise it could get very tricky if I don't stay consistent.  Right now I'm so motivated that I'm afraid I'll overdo it, get burned out, and stop--which is basically what happened last August.  I reached my goal and then could not find the motivation to continue.  My motivation at that time had been to fit in my clothes and weigh 140-145.  After getting there, it was hard to keep working out for health-sake or any other reason.

This time around, my goals are to have rockin' arms and decent abs.  This time is not about a number on the scale or a size of clothing.  I am content with those two things already.  So hopefully I will stick with a "normal" (3-4 times a week) not "crazy" (5-7 times a week) regimen   and not get burnt out!

Side Note: I did my first weekly weigh-in since December (at the doctor I was 146 right after Christmas) and on Friday weighed in at 142!  So I'm back in my 5 pound range! :)  I think only gaining 5 pounds between Turkey Day and Christmas is pretty good!  Especially since I lost 4 of them without really trying!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Workout #4 of 2011

Last night, I was so motivated to workout but alas, my bloodsugar refused to go above 74.  While that's awesome normally, when I want to workout, I need my starting bloodsugar to be around 150, otherwise I go low.

Fast-forward to tonight and I was not motivated AT ALL.  To top it off, I spent my preferential workout time (between 7 and 8pm) folding laundry and organizing.  Once we got the kids down at 8, I had to really pump myself up to do the workout and am I ever glad I did.  This was one of those nights that the minutes on the elliptical flew by.  I was planning on doing 15 minutes on the elliptical and then 2 circuits of No More Trouble Zones.  Well, the first time I checked the time, I had been on for 12 minutes already--normally my first check is right around 7 minutes.  The next was after 15 minutes so I decided to just stay on until 20 (I like to end at a multiple of 5 or 10 or else it bothers me).  Now you might be wondering what my entertainment was on the elliptical.  I could watch TV (but Brady was playing Gavin's game, Epic Mickey) but even that doesn't hold my attention on there for long, especially if I'm trying to fast-forward through commercials.  No, I have found what will keep me on the elliptical for longer periods of time without boredom... My Nook Color!  I am reading Hunger Games but I have the self-imposed rule of only reading Hunger Games while working out.  The book is hard to put down, so it keeps me from even worrying about how much longer I have to workout.  I'm such a genius!

After 20 minutes on the elliptical, I did the ab circuit (circuit 2) of the DVD while listening to music (I have that circuit memorized).  So I got a 25 minute workout (not counting warmup and cool-down) and felt GREAT throughout!

All in all, it was one of those workouts that makes me motivated to do more.  I hope this motivation lasts!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Workout #3!

My motivation kept me going for another night last night.  I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and 2 circuits with Jillian.  Tonight I'm taking off as I am sore pretty much EVERYWHERE.

Hopefully the motivation will stick with me and I'll do workout 4 tomorrow!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally did workout #2!

I did 15 minutes on my elliptical while reading Hunger Games on my Nook Color.  The time flew by!  Then I did 2 circuits with Jillian's No More Trouble Zones.

I have figured out a way to have more motivation to workout.  For every workout, I earn a guilt-free dollar of spending money.  I know I'll need some new dresses this year and I haven't bought jeans (aside from some to get me through losing the baby weight after Kailee) in over 2 years.

So to date, I have earned $2. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jillian's Next DVD!

In March, Jillian Michaels will be releasing this new DVD: Ripped in 30.  I am so excited for it.  It has long been my goal to have enough Jillian DVDs to do a different one everyday.  I'm getting closer!  I found a couple more of hers that are actually re-releases of Biggest Loser workouts but I want them too!  They are: For Beginners: Backside and For Beginners: Frontside.  I read reviews on both, and it's no surprise that what's labeled as a beginners workout is actually difficult.  That's how hardcore Jillian is.  I just love her and her workouts!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Workout 1 of 2011: 6 week six-pack

Woohoo!  It only took me 5 days into 2011 to finally step up and do the first workout.  As my brother-in-law pointed out on Facebook today: it's never the first workout that's hard, it's workout #2, 3, 4 etc...

Well I finally got Jillian Michaels' 6 week Six-Pack DVD, and tonight I did level 1.  It about kicked my butt!  This is the first of all of her DVDs in which I could physically do the the warmup as she did not incorporate any jumping moves.  My knees and ankles refuse to cooperate with those types of activities.  The workout is very hardcore and did have a few exercises that I cannot do at this point in time; one of which, I'm not sure I will ever actually be able to do because of the strain on the ankles and elbows (apparently I also have weak elbows--maybe I just have bad joints).  The only relief was that you do one circuit twice through.   I kept thinking, "There's NO way this video is only 35 minutes" because usually when she says 2 circuits, she means you do a set of exercises twice through and then move on to a new set of exercises twice through.

Although she recommends doing level 1 for 15 days and level 2 for 15 days (while working out a minimum of 5 days a week), I probably won't follow that schedule.  I don't know that I have the commitment, energy, and/or time to do that now.  But I do plan to keep up with at least 2 workouts a week (hopefully 3, but as long as I do 2 a week, I should EASILY reach my goal of 100 workouts in 2011).