Saturday, January 30, 2010

C25K week 2 day 3 on the elliptical

Just completed week 2 day 3 and will finally be moving on to a workout I have never done on Monday!  I also did some crunches and 15 girl pushups--go me! :)  It was really hard to get moving today.  I slept horribly thanks to the fun sinus infection and horrid cough I have.  If I could figure out how to sleep completely upright (without sliding down), I'd be great!  The workout was very hard for me but I'm glad I did it.

I also weighed this morning and I was 164.7 so I'm hopeful to lose more weight this week!

Off to shower and get ready for Gavin's friend's birthday party.

Friday, January 29, 2010

C25K week 2 day 2

On Wednesday I was finally able to pace myself well!  I was not overexerted after working out so that's really good.  I did my crunches and I also started doing pushups.  I started with 15 girl pushups and hope to build up to 100 by the end of this C25K program.  We'll see...

Today is Friday so it's weigh-in day.  I weigh 165.2 so that's a loss of 1.4 pounds (though last week I weighed in the evening instead of first thing in the morning so it might be a bit off).  I'm celebrating it anyway.  Tonight I'll be doing C25K week 2 day 3 and will post after.

Today's Stats:
Weight: 165.2
Calories: none yet but it's early, LOL

Friday, January 22, 2010

C25K week 1 workout 2 on the elliptical

Did my second workout today and it was hard--I swear there's something about the 2nd workout.  I finally weighed today and I weigh 166.6.  While that sucks, it certainly could be worse.

Todays stats:
Calories burned: 285
Calories consumed: 1417

Coworker turned me onto a great iPhone app: "Lose it."  It's the easiest one I've seen for tracking exercise, calories, and weight loss.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

c25K Week 1 Workout 1 on the elliptical!!!!

That's right!  I may not be able to run but I'm still doing the workout, just on the elliptical!  I got on my new machine this morning and after 3 minutes was like, "How am I supposed to make it through 27 more minutes on this machine."  That's when the light bulb went off.... Why not try doing the C25K program on the elliptical to build up strength and then trying to run after that...  So I did the first workout of the c25K and it was sooooooooo easy to keep myself going on the elliptical.  So yea!

Today's Stats:
Weight--no clue, may weigh at work and post later
Inches around the belly--40 inches around the largest part (lower belly so kinda around hips too)
Calories burned: according to the elliptical machine, I burned 212 calories (but I'm guessing that thing isn't too accurate).
Calories consumed: none yet... 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Had to stop running.... :(

Well the weather was bad for a couple of weeks and while I ignored the pains in my ankles, knees, and heels--and stupidly did not put 2 and 2 together--when I tried to start up again when the weather got better, I was physically unable to do it.

My wonderful husband bought me an elliptical so I can build up strength and perhaps try running again in a month or so.  So I'm going to change this to my weight loss/exercise blog and hopefully it will again someday be my C25K blog...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

C25K Week 1 Workout 3

I forgot to post but I completed week 1 workout 3 yesterday.  It was hard--I did not pace myself well and I was wearing uncomfortable shoes.  Tomorrow will be Week 2 Workout 1 and I'm nervous as you have to run more!

I'll post again tomorrow!