Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Workout #37 of 2012 (Cardio)

I'm on my second day off with a sick toddler and got the urge to read one of my fitness magazines.  My rule is that I'm only allowed to read them on the elliptical so... on I went.  I ended up working out for over 30 minutes just because I wanted to keep reading.  While I've gotten into the habit of watching Once Upon a Time while I'm on the elliptical, this was a good reminder of a fun option to keep me using the elliptical when there aren't new episodes available.

I'm one workout behind on my schedule so I'll probably fit in a yoga workout later if my sick-girl will allow it.  I managed this one during her much needed nap.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walmart is after my Type 1 Diabetic Heart!

Last night I was in the mood for something sweet. As my husband and I were perusing the options at Walmart, we discovered the sugar free / no sugar added section in the bakery. Thankfully the advances in insulin make it where I can pretty much eat whatever I want and maintain control, but I still remember being a kid and having to miss out on brownies, cupcakes, etc. I teared up seeing all the options available now--thanks to America's focus on fitness. It makes my heart happy that there are options for diabetic kids. Even though we can eat a less limited diet now, sugar free is easier to control. There were even iced cookies that look exactly like the regular ones. I've never seen so many fresh sugar free bakery items in one place!

Thanks, Walmart for providing a wide range of options beyond the typical sugar free candy and packaged cookies.


Workout #36 of 2012 (Cardio)

I did a bad thing yesterday... I worked out barefoot and today my knees are killing me.  I know better than to take chances with my joints and must always wear supportive shoes (unless I'm doing yoga or pilates).

Today is a cardio day so I decided to hop back on the elliptical since it's nice on the knees.  I worked out for 30 minutes with the Ease into 5K app while watching an episode of Once Upon a Time.  I absolutely LOVE this show!  I think any person who has a love for fairytales can appreciate this show.  I love the twists and how all the different tales are connected.  Disney (ABC) was smart to create this show!

Not to mention the fact that this show keeps me entertained on the elliptical :).


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Workout 35 of 2012 (6-week 6-pack level 1)

About 20 minutes into my workout, I realized I had zero energy left. I had treated low blood sugar earlier and wondered if I had high blood sugar now. Sure enough i was 353. I did some insulin and threw in the towel. It actually can raise blood sugar to be active when it's already high, crazy as that sounds.

I was disappointed but am glad I got in a brief workout nonetheless. Here's to a better workout 36!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Workout #34 of 2012 (Shred it with Weights level 1)

I am still sore from my yoga workout on Tuesday.  It was a hips, buns and thighs workout though my shoulders, triceps and chest are the areas that are VERY sore.  In fact, my hips, buns and thighs are no more sore than usual.

Tonight I did Shred it with Weights level 1 for the first time in a looooooooong time.  I decided to play it safe and only use the 5-pound kettlebell and I must admit, I probably should have upped the weight to 10 pounds.  My muscles are significantly stronger than they were just a couple of months ago so I certainly could have handled the 10-pound weight.  My only hesitation was knowing just how sore kettlebells can make my entire body.  I remember the backs of my legs being tight for an entire week once (not to mention the time I pulled a muscle in my hip).  Tonight the workout was pretty easy; I barely worked up a sweat.  Next time I'll risk more weight... Probably :).


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Workout #33 of 2012 (Yoga)

Tonight I tried a new yoga workout: Hips, Buns and Thighs Yoga (an ExerciseTV workout I bough on iTunes).  It was tough!  The pace was very quick and my inflexibility made it hard to keep up.  On a positive note, I was able to easily do chaturanga correctly 5 times in a row before my arms were no longer able to prevent me from crashing down.  I kinda felt like Spiderman doing them--which was TOTALLY awesome!  I'm counting this as a milestone :).


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Workout # 32 of 2012 (KBC-Kickbox, Booty and Core)

I got this workout for $1.99 on iTunes and I love having it for a cardio option.  I am tired of my elliptical right now so this was a much appreciated option for today.  Natalie gets your heart rate up and you can feel the burn, especially in the booty circuits.  I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow.  


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Workout #31 of 2012 (Yoga)

Just started my day with Begginer Yoga (from ExerciseTV).  It seemed harder doing it in the morning, though I think that's because I'm used to working out at night or in the afternoons (during nap time).  Regardless, I am glad I worked out because this is the only convenient time today for me to workout.

Off to the shower so my busy day can begin!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Workout #30 of 2012 (Killer Buns & Thighs level 1)

Tonight I was originally planning to do yoga but because I know Saturday is going to be busy, I decided to go ahead and do circuit training tonight and yoga tomorrow night.

My abs are sore from yesterday's workout and now my buns and thighs are starting to get that same feeling.  The silver lining of course is that the soreness means I worked hard.

I can't believe I've already done 30 workouts!  I did not reach that point until March 27th last year.  If I stay on track, I will have completed 58 workouts on March 27th of this year.

I'm quite proud of myself for my determination and dedication :).


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Workout #29 of 2012 (10 Pound Slimdown: Core)

Let me just say that my abs are gonna be hurtin' tomorrow!  I forgot how intense this ab workout is.  While I'm not trying to lose weight, I truly believe Chris Freytag's program can make you lose 10 pounds easily.  These workouts are good; my heart rate was up the entire time!  

And now I feel better about my bad eating habits this week.  I definitely need to get back on track this weekend by meal planning for the week. Maybe I'll even do the grocery shopping too--usually my wonderful husband does it but lately rather than feeling grateful, I've felt a bit frustrated by some of his shopping skills.  Since beggars can't be choosers, I'm going to have to step up and do the shopping myself. :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Workout #28 of 2012 (yoga & abs)

Tonight I almost didn't workout. Brady is sick and went to bed before I got home. Kailee got into all sorts of things (throwing sprite on Gavin, eating toothpaste and spreading it all over her bed, screaming for 15 minutes before giving in to bedtime). It was 9pm before all was calm in the house and I just wanted to go to bed or plop on the couch and watch TV.

I started watching tonight's Biggest Loser and realized how much I wanted to workout, but I also wanted to watch the episode. I figured I pretty much have my favorite yoga workout memorized, so I worked through it while watching (well, at least listening to it). I finished in 15 minutes (my timing is apparently off) so for the last 5 minutes I did some ab moves and mat work. All in all it was a good workout. And I even did Chaturanga once without dropping to my knees! That's progress right there :).


Monday, February 13, 2012

Workout #27 of 2012 (Bootcamp Calorie Burn)

Yesterday I could not muster up the motivation to do cardio on my elliptical so tonight I decided to go shopping on iTunes. I got a few more workouts for $1.99 each and tried Bootcamp Calorie Burn.

It was a fun workout that did make me sweat the second half. A lot of the early moves were too easy so I picked up my weights to increase the difficulty. That worked until we got to the plank moves, but by then I was sweating with or without the weights.

My only true complaint is that there are some of those bouncy moves that bother my joints--by the end, my right ankle was quite irritated. I managed to modify for the most part but I wish I could do those moves (like jumping jacks). Maybe I'll look into ankle support options.

I will do it again for sure as cardio is my least favorite and I appreciate having another option when the weather is too bad to get outside and when I am turned off by the elliptical.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Workout Tip ~ Visualize

Yesterday I posted about my toughest workout in a long time.  All morning long, I thought about the workout, and visualized each circuit.  I focused on the ones that I know are particularly hard for me.  When I worked out, I did not have to fight any major mental battles to push through.  I 100% believe it's because of all the mental preparation I did leading up to the workout.  Having done it before, I knew it could be a fight physically and mentally so by spending so much time focusing on it prior to doing it, I took away the mental battle.

So plan ahead and take the time to mentally prepare yourself for your workout and it will by easier, at least mentally!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Workout #26 of 2012 (No More Trouble Zones)

Well I did it!  I did the entire No More Trouble Zones workout; all 7 circuits!  56 minutes of hardcore working out, pushing me to my limits.  I didn't once consider stopping thanks to my hours of mental preparation.  I thought about all the circuits and about which parts I know challenge me the most all morning.  Because of this, I was able to push through and prevent myself from quitting.  

Now I'm shaky as can be, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Workout 25 of 2012 (Yoga)

I'll get there!

Tonight I did my yoga workout--10 Pound Slimdown Yoga--and it felt great.  I know I sound like a broken record, but this workout flies by and I work up a sweat with it.  I just love it!

Tomorrow I plan to do the entire No More Trouble Zones workout, all 7 circuits.  I am gonna feel so fatigued yet so awesome when it's done!  Looking forward to that despite some nerves!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's your why?

I read this article on Facebook and it made me think about all my whys.  There are so many reasons for why we choose to workout, and it's important to keep those whys in mind to keep us motivated to carry on.  So what are my whys?  

Here are my top 10 reasons for working out:

10. I like to cross it off my to-do list!  Listmakers understand the appeal of being able to cross just one more thing off the to-do list.  It makes you feel accomplished and you can give yourself a pat on the back.

9. I want to feel good in a bathing suit.  Okay, maybe not "good" but definitely not like I shouldn't be wearing one.  Yeah, it's a superficial reason, but it gets me to workout all winter so I don't panic when I go to the pool in the summer.

8. I feel powerful when I work out.  I love feeling my muscles work as I use free weights.  I feel strong and can tell my effort is doing something.

7. It's an AMAZING de-stresser.  Life is stressful.  Working out helps to prevent tension headaches and to prevent me from clenching my jaw in my sleep.  If I focus on something stressful, I find I have twice as much endurance (at least).  Suppressed stress will come out eventually, why not put that energy into a workout that will uplift your mood!  Which brings me to the next reason...

6. It lifts my mood.  "Exercise causes endorphins and endorphins make you happy.  And happy people just don't kill their husbands."  Legally Blonde put it best :).

5. It energizes me!  I notice a significant increase in my energy level throughout the day when I am consistently working out.  I know it might not make sense that working my body hard gives me energy but it does--and that's a fact for anyone. 

4. The confidence I gain from working out transcends into other facets of my life.  I see it in my personal and professional life.  I am more likely to go after other goals when I'm working towards a fitness one as well.

3. It keeps me healthier!  In the last year, I've noticed that the duration of my colds and minor illnesses has halved.  For example, before I worked out regularly, if I got a cold, I would typically have symptoms anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.  My last two colds have lasted less than 7 days.

2.I don't want to have to "diet."  While I still try to be healthy, by working out, I don't have to worry so much about gaining weight if I splurge here and there.  I recently found out a colleague works out in order to be able to eat whatever she wants.  I don't think I workout enough for that LOL.  Maybe someday ;).

1. I want to feel confident everyday.  I have overcome many body-image issues over the years but every girl has her "fat days."  When I workout regularly, I find the fat days are fewer and farther apart.  Plus, swim suit season is either here or always looming in the near-future.  I don't want to have to dread the pool when I live in a state that has 100+ degree weather all summer.


Workout #24 of 2012 (Ripped in 30 Week 4)

I now remember why I avoid week 4... It's TOUGH!  There are many parts that require INSANE strength and a lot of effort--it's not for a day when you feel unmotivated because it will break you.  I pushed through and substituted some exercises when I was inclined to drop to my knees or cheat.  I figured substituting something is better than just giving up and watching them do it on the DVD.

I am nervous for Saturday because I am planning to do the entire No More Trouble Zones workout.  I may have to push it to next weekend because Brady has drill this weekend--meaning I will have a short window of time to workout assuming Kailee takes a nap.  I considered doing it today while home with sick Kailee but she was awakened early from her nap.  Oh well, I'll make it work!  Because it's important to me, I will make time for it!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Workout 23 of 2012 (Yoga)

Tonight I did Beginner's Yoga again.  I feel like it stretches me out really well, but I don't work up a sweat.  I'm definitely working out with Chris on Thursday.  Her yoga makes you sweat! :)


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Workout #22 of 2012 (Cardio and abs)

Today I had to turn off the volume in my head and turn on autopilot to get started.  Nevertheless, it was a rough workout that seemed to drag on and on.  Needless to say, I'm glad I did not push yesterday's workout to today as today would have been a rough one to get me to double-up.

So today's workout was cardio on the elliptical, using the Ease-into-5K app, while watching last week's episode of Once Upon a Time.  Then I did some ab work before stretching out.  I am really enjoying my improving flexibility.  Can't wait to see what the year brings in my body transformation!


Workout Tip ~ Turn the volume down in your head!

This week I won some mental battles with regards to working out.  I procrastinated to my preferred bedtime on more than one occasion; however, I still managed to push through and do what I needed to do.  How is that?  Autopilot!  When I started the mind game where I justify putting off a workout, I simply got up and put on my workout clothes.  I didn't let myself think about it and just started.  The little voice in our head can sabotage our efforts if we let it, but I say, "Turn down the volume!"  It worked for me and it can work for you!

Hey, it can't hurt, right?


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Workout #21 of 2012 (30 Day Shred)

Today I procrastinated on my workout all day long and briefly considered doing a 2-a-day tomorrow. And then I remembered how rough on my body and my diabetes care that can be... So I shut off my brain and went into autopilot, putting on my workout clothes and turning on the DVD. It worked like a charm! Sometimes you just gotta turn down the volume on that little voice in your head.

Tonight I did The 30 Day Shred level 3 and as I recalled, it is waaaay easier than level 2. I felt strong and powerful doing it and feel even better having finished it :).


Thursday, February 2, 2012

10% done! Workout #20 of 2012 (Yoga)

Tonight I decided to try Zen in Your Den yoga, a workout I got for $.99 on iTunes. It requires much more flexibility than I am capable of at this time but I enjoyed mixing it up. The stretches were good, and while I didn't exactly work up a sweat, I'll definitely do it again; a dollar well spent :).

I can't believe I've already worked out 20 times this year! Yea for being super-disciplined and motivated! Here's hoping it lasts!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workout #19 of 2012 (Circuit Training)

Tonight I did Ripped in 30 Week 3.  Talk about hard.  I had to modify several of the moves due to inflexibility / lack of adequate strength.  Table tops and ab holds are VERY difficult--practically impossible for me--thanks to my inflexibility.  BUT, I am getting stronger and more flexible.  I hope and plan to notice a huge change in my abilities when completing this workout by the end of this year!

To think, a year ago snowmageddon was happening here in north Texas.  I remember working out everyday while home with the kids.  It was a nice once in a lifetime experience.  That super-cold winter was followed by a record-breaking hot summer that we are not hoping to repeat.  This year, it's in the 70s for the first week in February and we are anticipating a school year without a single snow day.  Here's hoping to a milder summer after a mild winter!