Thursday, February 23, 2012

Workout #34 of 2012 (Shred it with Weights level 1)

I am still sore from my yoga workout on Tuesday.  It was a hips, buns and thighs workout though my shoulders, triceps and chest are the areas that are VERY sore.  In fact, my hips, buns and thighs are no more sore than usual.

Tonight I did Shred it with Weights level 1 for the first time in a looooooooong time.  I decided to play it safe and only use the 5-pound kettlebell and I must admit, I probably should have upped the weight to 10 pounds.  My muscles are significantly stronger than they were just a couple of months ago so I certainly could have handled the 10-pound weight.  My only hesitation was knowing just how sore kettlebells can make my entire body.  I remember the backs of my legs being tight for an entire week once (not to mention the time I pulled a muscle in my hip).  Tonight the workout was pretty easy; I barely worked up a sweat.  Next time I'll risk more weight... Probably :).


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