Monday, February 13, 2012

Workout #27 of 2012 (Bootcamp Calorie Burn)

Yesterday I could not muster up the motivation to do cardio on my elliptical so tonight I decided to go shopping on iTunes. I got a few more workouts for $1.99 each and tried Bootcamp Calorie Burn.

It was a fun workout that did make me sweat the second half. A lot of the early moves were too easy so I picked up my weights to increase the difficulty. That worked until we got to the plank moves, but by then I was sweating with or without the weights.

My only true complaint is that there are some of those bouncy moves that bother my joints--by the end, my right ankle was quite irritated. I managed to modify for the most part but I wish I could do those moves (like jumping jacks). Maybe I'll look into ankle support options.

I will do it again for sure as cardio is my least favorite and I appreciate having another option when the weather is too bad to get outside and when I am turned off by the elliptical.


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