Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workout #19 of 2012 (Circuit Training)

Tonight I did Ripped in 30 Week 3.  Talk about hard.  I had to modify several of the moves due to inflexibility / lack of adequate strength.  Table tops and ab holds are VERY difficult--practically impossible for me--thanks to my inflexibility.  BUT, I am getting stronger and more flexible.  I hope and plan to notice a huge change in my abilities when completing this workout by the end of this year!

To think, a year ago snowmageddon was happening here in north Texas.  I remember working out everyday while home with the kids.  It was a nice once in a lifetime experience.  That super-cold winter was followed by a record-breaking hot summer that we are not hoping to repeat.  This year, it's in the 70s for the first week in February and we are anticipating a school year without a single snow day.  Here's hoping to a milder summer after a mild winter!


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