Sunday, August 26, 2012

Workout #168 ~ C25K w/ podcast

Today I did Week 7 Day 1 while listening to the Chubby Jones Podcast.  There's at least one for each week during which she cheers you on, offers encouragement and tells your time at various points while playing upbeat music.  That last bit is the only part I struggled with at first, but once I got used to it, it was cool.

I don't use an official C25K app, I used the Ease-into-5K app, which is a little bit different (I'm guessing for copyright reasons) so I did have to pause the podcast during the 3-minute walk after 20 minutes of running.  In the actual program, you run 25 straight minutes all week.

I did pretty well during the first 20 minutes though I had a horrible side-stitch.  I had to stay focused on my breathing to prevent it from getting even worse.  Thankfully it disappeared completely during the 3-minute walk.  I am feeling pretty worked out now and know that I must incorporate more circuit training this week to help my stamina.


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