Saturday, January 14, 2012

Workout #6 of 2012 (10 Pound Slimdown: Total Body)

Today I worked out with Chris Freytag and she kind of kicked my butt.  My muscles are screaming and I was out of breath most of the workout.  Kailee decided to workout with me and she especially liked the 30 second power drills.  She imitated my every move (sans weights) and giggled the whole time.  It hit me what a great thing it will be for my children to grow up watching my dedication and joy in fitness.  I want them to grow up enjoying it as well and not see it as a way to lose weight but as a way to take care of their bodies.

Well, off to the shower.  I was in my PJs all day enjoying a lazy Saturday.  Only a workout could inspire me to get dressed :).


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