Thursday, January 19, 2012

Workout #10 of 2012 (Yoga)

A few weeks ago, I downloaded a free yoga workout on iTunes entitled Anytime Yoga: PM Yoga.  Tonight I finally decided to try it even though it's short - 10 minutes.  It promises to to prepare you for sleep--which I am feeling ready to pass out from sleepiness--so we'll see if it helps improve my sleep tonight.

All in all I enjoyed it and could see myself doing it as a cool down of sorts after a more intense workout in the future.  I am very sore from my workout yesterday and the stretches of this workout felt amazing in all the places I'm sore.

Now off to bed...  I'll report back if the workout helps sleep!  I know the one I did for digestive problems definitely cured my week long bout of night time heartburn so I have high expectations for this one as well.


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