Sunday, May 6, 2012

Workout #84 of 2012 ~ RUNNING!!!!

I have been taking my glucosamine chondroitin for awhile now along with some calcium supplements and finally today could not wait any longer to try to run.  I considered doing the C25K week 1 workout 1 but I was DYING to see just how far I could run without stopping having gotten most of my cardio workouts from the elliptical and circuit training.

At first, it was liberating.  If felt so good to be running.  I remembered why I wanted to do this so badly.  I used a running app called MaypMyRun which uses GPS to track your route.  It lets you know when you complete each mile and tells you your pace.  Mile 1 was not bad.  I was actually surprised at how soon the app let me know I had completed my first mile.  The next half mile was tough and I did walk for about 15 seconds at the 1.5 mile mark but knew how badly I wanted to at least reach 2 miles, so I pushed on.  At the 2-mile mark my pace was 11:24 minute mile.  I tried to keep running at that point but my body revolted.  My knees, ankles, hips, butt were all hurting and I began to have trouble bringing my heart rate down.  I am out of practice having to pace myself and think I was running faster than maybe I should at this point.  So I decided to count my success at 2 miles and walked home (taking a shorter route than I had originally planned).  Seeing as how the final total was 2.7 miles, I now know that my original route was easily over 3 miles--good to know.  My average pace even with the walking was 12:18 minute mile.  I am pretty proud of that :).

I hope to get in a few more outdoor runs before Brady deploys, but plan to do the C25K program with the Ease-into-5K app.  I think my body needs me to ease back into this.

And now to ice my joints.  Otherwise, my plan to continue running will be cut short.


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