Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workout 41 of 2011 (Six week 6-pack level 1)

A year ago today, I did my very first Jillian Michael's workout.  A year ago today, I discovered that there was a type of workout that did not bore me.  A year ago today, my life changed.  I went from being someone who loathed working out to someone who looked forward to it.  I firmly believe you have to find what you love and that's what works.  Circuit training is what works for me.

I still remember the desperation I felt when the baby weight was not coming off.  I had tried various options and had even worked out most days in April and did not lose any weight.  I am so glad I had to go through all the struggle of losing the weight because through that journey I discovered a workout system that I could commit to for life.  I finally found my style of working out.  If not for all the failed attempts, I might never have figured out that I LOVE working out.

I did not realize today was the anniversary, otherwise I would have done the 30 Day shred for old time's sake.  Instead, I did Jillian's Six week 6-Pack level 1.  It was a good workout though I do have to modify some of the exercises that hurt my joints.  It's amazing to me that almost a year ago, I almost gave up the 30 Day Shred because my joints couldn't handle the jumping jacks, high knees, jumprope, etc.  I recall crying on the couch because my knees and ankles would not cooperate during my 3rd or 4th workout.  I was so distraught that I had finally found something I loved and I could not physically do most of the cardio moves.  Thankfully, I realized that cardio is cardio and I ended up modifying that portion of the circuits by hopping on my elliptical.  I still do that when necessary.

Workout quote of the week (see the connection): "Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do" – John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach

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