Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Workout 37 of 2011 (Crunch: Pick your spot Pilates)

I am still uber-sore from my kettlebell workout on Sunday so I was hesitant to do a Jillian workout.  Instead, I decided to work on a goal I haven't focused much attention on: becoming more flexible.  I am ridiculously inflexible and I want to change that.  I'm so inflexible, that I don't feel I can adequately stretch post-workout.

In order to work on this, I decided to try one of the Netflix instant-play pilates workouts.  Crunch: Pick your spot Pilates with Ellen Barrett has three 10-minute workouts that target abs, butt, and thighs.  I did all 3 workouts and the time flew by.  Some was easy but a lot was hard.  I appreciated that she had a modified version of the harder moves.  I enjoyed the workout and will likely do it again or try one of the other MANY pilates/yoga workouts offered on Netflix instant-play.

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