Sunday, April 17, 2011


Money has been tighter since reaching my goal but yesterday my wonderful husband told me to go buy some jeans!  My school had a fundraiser and by more than doubling our goal in money raised, earned us jeans days everyday for this last grading period.  I have not bought new jeans since 2008 at the earliest.  I did buy some interim jeans while I was losing the weight but I don't count those.

Shopping yesterday was AWESOME!  If you ever need to feel skinny, shop at Old Navy.  Old Navy usually puts me in a size smaller than I really am, which any and all girls LOVE.  It was amazing for some of the styles in size 8 to be too big!  I only found one pair of jeans but I also found a really cute top that I could not resist.  I can't wait to wear this new outfit this week!

I am so appreciative of my body now.  It's not perfect, but I don't focus on the flaws anymore.  I am enjoying my hard work paying off everyday.

Now I just have to get back on the working out bandwagon.  Hopefully I will have a second post tonight about a workout :).

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