Thursday, April 21, 2011

Workout 38 of 2011 (Pick your Level Weight Loss Pilates)

Last night I decided to try some pilates.  My main reason for branching out into pilates is that I really want to work on my flexibility.  Plus, I kinda love that I don't have to put on shoes to workout.  How awesome is that?!?!?!

Tonight I decided to try another video on Netflix instant-play.  This evening, I discovered  Pick your Level Weight Loss Pilates with Ellen Barrett.  This DVD has 3 people demonstrating moves at varying levels.  There's beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  It makes is very easy to switch between levels for each move.  If I feel more capable, I can do the advanced move, and if I feel less so, I can do the beginner.  This is a convenient workout for a newcomer like me.

This workout video was more difficult than the one I tried last night; however, I only worked up a little sweat.  I can tell that the strength I have gained though my Jillian workouts made this workout easier than it would have been otherwise.  While I felt challenged at various points in the workout, I don't feel like I've truly worked as hard as I could have the last two nights.  I enjoyed it though!  This is definitely a workout I will do again; be that as it may,  I'm feeling the need for some Jillian tomorrow.

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