Friday, April 22, 2011

Workout 39 of 2011 (The Trainer's Edge: Integrated Strength Training)

Tonight I decided to try yet another Netflix Instant-Play workout entitled The Trainer's Edge: Integrated Strength Training with Jeffrey Scott.  I figured by the title, it would offer workouts similar to Jillian Michaels', and I was correct.  Basically you keep your heart rate up by being in constant motion while working with the weights.

The workout offered 3 levels to each move with one back-up girl doing level 1, one doing level 2 and the host doing level 3.  It was a decent workout though not nearly to the caliber of Jillian's.  I did break a sweat and may consider doing it again sometime when I need some variety, but I prefer Jillian's circuit style.

To be honest, my reason for not doing a Jillian workout tonight is because I'm scared.  I've had almost a week off from her and I'm afraid of feeling out of shape when next I workout with her.  Sad but true!

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