Thursday, February 24, 2011

Workout 16 of 2011

My wonderful husband was so kind as to buy me a Jillian Michaels set of kettlebells so that we could do the workout correctly.  Tonight, I did Shred it with Weights with the intended kettelbell!

As a whole, I do not think this is a very difficult workout compared to some of her others; however, it works different parts of the body that I don't normally work in other activities.  For example: the hips.  My hips have been sore since Monday and I'm sure they will be even more so now that I have completed the DVD with an actual kettlebell.  The next time I do the workout, I will either use the 10 lb kettlebell (I used 5lb today) or try level 2.

Of course, tomorrow will likely be a cardio day as I'm going through Hunger Games withdrawals! :)

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