Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Workout 11 of 2011

Today was not the best workout.  I wasn't particularly in the mood to workout but decided to push on through.  I did 15 excruciatingly long minutes on the elliptical--I tried reading Shape on the elliptical but it was hard to click between the articles and workout my arms.  I then did my least favorite circuit from No More Trouble Zones, circuit 4.  This circuit works the the triceps--perhaps the weakest muscles in my body--including these awful things called Surrenders.  I HATE IT and therefore NEVER do it.  I decided to do it today and cheated my way through it.  Then I combined some exercises from circuits 2 and 5 (abs).  My arms are hurting right now but I'm glad I worked out.  I'm thinking this is a sign to take the next couple of days off :).

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