Thursday, March 1, 2012

Workout #38 of 2012 ( Circuit Training)

Today I had to pick up my adorable toddler from daycare because she had a fever. A trip to the doctor told us she has the flu and she basically passed out all afternoon. I thus decided it was time to work on clearing out the DVR. After America's Next Top Model, Dance Moms and The Biggest Loser, I felt motivated to multitask while watching by choreographing my own circuit workout. (it's amazing how watching skinny people prance around and others working their butts off to lose weight can really inspire you to get off the couch). I did 4 Jillian-styled circuits while watching Parenthood and I'm feeling like I want to do more. I'm 2 workouts behind schedule so I very well may head out for a power walk when the hubby gets home--it's 80 degrees outside woohoo! And we're stuck inside :(...


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