Wednesday, March 14, 2012

25% done! Workout 50 of 2012

Tonight I could not resist the amazingly perfect weather and thus did a 30 minute power-walk through my neighborhood and the one next it.  I wore my mom's Sketcher Shape-ups (I have the hot pink ones Kim is holding) which I think kept me at a slower pace.  I had a lot of difficulty figuring out how exactly I was supposed to walk quickly in them but by the end I had a pretty good rhythm.  Nevertheless my keens are a bit sore so I'll definitely be icing them.

After finishing, I did some ab moves for about 5 minutes before stretching out my entire body--I'm quite sore from yesterday's workout.

I can't believe I've already done 50 workouts!!!!  Last year, I did not hit 50 until June 4th, though I hit 25% on March 18th (my last year goal was 100 workouts versus this year's 200) so I'm right on track compared to last year.


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