Sunday, March 6, 2011

"You don't need to workout!"

This week was the first time someone ever said to me: "You don't need to workout!"

I have said that very comment to many girls throughout the last 10-15 years and I finally could understand why they did not agree with my opinion.  I used to assume that people who were thin did not "need" to workout.  I've never been one for working out especially when I was thin in the past.  Now, my perspective is completely different.  The last year and a half has changed my opinion.  People workout for many reasons... To lose weight, to train for an event, to relieve stress, to tone, to control a disease, to maintain a weight, to be able to eat more, to be fit and healthy, because they enjoy it.

Until I discovered how much I loved circuit training (Jillian Michaels style)  I only worked out to lose weight.  I could appreciate someone working out to train for a marathon or something but otherwise, I didn't really "get" it until last year.  Now, I workout for many reasons...

1. I am trying to get toned and stay toned.
2. I like that I can eat out a lot and maintain my weight.
3. I enjoy the workout itself.
4. I feel good after exercising.
5. It's an AMAZING stress reliever.

When I say I need to workout, I don't mean that I need to lose weight.  I mean that I need to fulfill one of the 5 reasons listed above.  I get it now and I apologize to anyone I may have told that they didn't need to workout!

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  1. Thats related to my theory, everyone just needs to find the type of workout that works for them- that is enjoyable or at least not a chore, so it is more rewarding outside of the scale....I am still looking for my right fit, but I have come closer to finding it with yoga and also exercising through physically demanding house projects like, removing wallpaper and sledge hammering cabinets...