Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workout 28 of 2011

I failed to mention that my workout last night was done barefoot which today resulted in nagging shin splints.  That was a bad call on my part.

Tonight the whole fam walked to the park (about 1 mile away), ran around a lot and then walked home.  When we did this exact activity this weekend, I didn't count it as a workout but I'm thinking it should count.  Being active is being active.  In this beautiful weather, our every-other-night walks will likely become a popular "workout" on here; however, I fully intend to lengthen the route by going up and down streets in the neighborhood along the way.  I doubt the kids would mind as Gavin rides his bike and Kailee rides in her convertible stroller/trike.

Yea for beautiful weather!
Gavin and Kailee on their bikes!

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