Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Workout 182 ~ Running!

It has to be said, I was nervous before I began.  After Sunday's attempt and major fail, I worried that my success 2 weeks ago was a fluke, that I wasn't really able to run 3 miles.  Tonight proved that I am able to do it :).  Sure I had two distractions--Gavin making Kailee scream, Kailee making several requests for various things--and then I skipped too many songs on the playlist, ended up on random and kept getting classical songs to come up, forcing me to unlock the phone (where I was then able to see how much time was left, something that really throws me off my mental game), but I pushed through!!!!  And now I'm kind of wired and probably should do some PM yoga or something.

I heard on the radio this morning that you should not workout unless you have 3-4 hours to calm down before bedtime.  Well... It's either workout at this time of night or don't workout.  With the diabetes, I need to wake up in the 80s, but I cannot workout unless my bloodsugar is around 175, thus eliminating the AM workouts during the week.  I can easily manage getting my bloodsugar to 175 when working out after dinner by going easy on my dinner insulin.  I'm thinking working out late is better than not working out at all :).  Unfortunately, it may explain my sleep problems (though I feel those have more to do with Brady being gone and children waking up).


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