Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Workout 44 of 2011 (Cardio and Abs)

Today has been a crazy day!  It started out bad, got worse, provided an unexpected opportunity and ended with a lot of family fun.  All of these things caused a large amount of adrenaline to pump through my body, making for an EXCELLENT workout!

Tonight I decided to hop on the elliptical--because despite the adrenaline, I again was too lazy to put on my sneakers--and had an AMAZING cardio session while watching the Biggest Loser.  It was my fastest 20 minutes on the elliptical since finishing The Hunger Games.  I felt so pumped throughout and now feel unbelievably relaxed.  This was exactly what I needed!  The adrenaline then carried on as I went through the moves of No More Trouble Zones Circuit 2 (all about the abs).  I was on fire!

Adrenaline is definitely the best natural energy booster and now I'm pleasantly enjoying my endorphins!


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