Sunday, November 18, 2012

Workout 205 - The Glow Run 5K

Last night, I did my 2nd 5K of the day, this time with Gavin, Kailee and my parents.  We did the Glow Run and it was a fun, blacklight, glowstick, night run.  Like the Color in Motion 5K, contestants were released in waves, though we all wore chips that activated when we crossed the starting and finish line.  I was so proud of Gavin!  He ran more than halfway before needing to walk.  Once he began walk/running, he also began complaining about being sleepy and wanting it to be over.  At that point, I did become annoyed because we had no choice but finish the race to get back to the car.  The last quarter mile was a lot of fun because onlookers cheered Gavin on--he really like that :).  He raced to the finish line and LOVED getting his participant medal.  That being said, he told me he does not want to do another 5K anytime soon, LOL.  We finished the race in 42:42.  He's six.  That's freaking amazing! So proud of my boy!

Oh, and it should be noted that Kailee walked the entire 5K at my mom's fast walking pace.  She also pulled her wagon (that was intended for her to ride in) for over halfway.  My mom said that Kailee was basically jogging the entire way.  She may be ready to do the C25K with my mom and Gavin soon :).

Gavin was so tired after we got home that he fell asleep at the table eating dinner. :)


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