Sunday, November 18, 2012

Workout 204 - The Color in Motion 5K

On Saturday morning, some friends, colleagues and I ran the Color in Motion 5K and it was a messy blast!  If you've never done one, here are some things to note:

1. The color is corn starch powder, not liquid.
2. Entrants are sent out in waves and it's not chip-timed.
3. At various points, there are volunteers lining the path with color powder to spray on you.
4. You can get away relatively clean if you stay in the middle of the path.
5. You can get amazingly colorful if you run along the edges of the course.
6. You can get even more colorful if you dance around at the after party.
7. Bring baby wipes to clean up.
8. Bring trash bags to cover your car seats for the ride home.
It was awesome and we are planning to do the official Color Run in April in Dallas!  Anyone who wants to join our team, can and should!  Oh and we plan to dress up in tutus for that one :).

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