Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Workout #143 of 2012 ~ Crunch: Chisel

If you are looking for a quick workout that will get you sweating and work your arms until they are absolute jelly... Well, I found the workout for you: Crunch: Chisel.  I recently downloaded it off of iTunes (I think I bought the season of 8 20-minute workouts for $14.99) and felt motivated to try it today.  Wow, my shoulders, arms, upper back, abs and even my legs (a little bit) feel thoroughly worked out.  It was fun--the instructor made most of the reps into dance moves--and by the end, I had trouble finishing.  My arms felt so much like jelly that I wanted to cheat my way through the end--BUT I DIDN'T!

I have felt so blah since returning from vacation and am about to head out again.  I think my wonderful hubby will be understanding when I need to sneak off to workout each day.  It puts me in a better mood and makes me more inclined to make good choices food wise.


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