Thursday, July 7, 2011

Workout 58 of 2011 (AT&T U-Verse on-demand and elliptical)

Today I continued on my journey through the AT&T U-Verse On-Demand workouts.  Before beginning, I did my own warmup to get the blood flowing.  This is crucial to prevent injury since the short On-Demand videos do not provide substantial warmups--or cool downs for that matter.

First, I tried 10 Minute Natural Lift which targeted the chest area--really only intended for women.  It's a decent workout, especially for people like me with weaker arms.  I found the multiple pushup portions difficult.

Next I tried 10 Minute Total Body Workout  with Michael Carson which was another good workout.  I was sweating pretty badly by the end and would have liked it to be longer.  He really did workout my entire body in the 10 minutes.  I would do this one again though it's not long enough alone.

After my two On-Demand workouts, I decided to do 10 minutes on the elliptical and then cooled down.  I'm feeling pretty good after my workout and look forward to discovering more workouts On-Demand soon.


NOTE (@10am Friday, July 8th): I am SOOOOOOOOO sore from this workout.  My chest and legs are on FIRE.  The instructor warned that we'd be sore tomorrow.  Well tomorrow is here and I am so sore that I won't be doing ANY strength training today.  I'll be sticking to cardio if anything!

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