Monday, December 19, 2011

Workout #94 of 2011 (Calorie Burn Abs On-Demand)

This morning I decided to do some cardio but was not feeling like getting on the elliptical.  Instead, I tried Calorie Burn Abs with Jennifer Galardi.  It was a fun, tough dance workout that definitely worked your core the ENTIRE time.  I was out of breath from almost the beginning but thankfully was able to keep up with her choreography.  However, the more dance workouts I do, the more I realize how completely uncoordinated I am.  When Brady walked in, I got a little self-conscious but then I thought, "Who cares?  I am working out and having fun and that's all that matters!"

Now off to hydrate before I hopefully workout with Jillian later. :)

6 workouts left!  Planning to finish on the 23rd or 24th :)


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