Sunday, November 27, 2011

Workout 80 of 2011 (On-Demand Cardio)

For my second workout today, I began with Cardio Slimdown which is an "intermediate level walking cardio workout" On Demand with ExerciseTV.  I must say this was ridiculously easy for me.  What I appreciate about it though is that it gave me ideas of things I could do while watching TV to be less sedentary.  I also liked how it was a nod to the old school aerobics tapes.  Makes me want to dig out some old ones :).

Since Cardio Slimdown was only 20 minutes, I decided to try one of the "10 minute" workouts On Demand with ExerciseTV.  I did Cardio Kickbox Burn which the info said was 15 minutes with Denise Austin.  It actually was a really great cardio workout for 20 minutes with Natalie Yco (who I know from the 30 Day Shred as one of Jillian's back-up girls).  This workout would have been fine on it's own.  My legs and butt are feeling the burn.  I will definitely do this one again!

Now off to relax and hydrate before I do some yoga later :).


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