Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workout 76 of 2011 (On Demand Sexy Stretch and some ab moves)

For my second workout today, I perused the Yoga/Pilates options On Demand under ExerciseTV and decided the video entitled "Sexy Stretch" might help relieve some of the muscle soreness I've been experiencing.  The first half was great--easy and obviously stretching out my body nicely--then we had to do some deep lunge stretches (that tightened up my thighs) and some plank moves.  After finishing, I felt like I had to stretch like normal to try to prevent further soreness.  I also decided to do some additional ab moves.

My body is beat up but it will get a day off tomorrow, woohoo!  I'm not crazy enough to schedule a workout for Turkey Day! :)


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