Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Workout 191 ~ 4 miles

Last night, my bloodsugar was 238--perfect, or so I thought, for a run.  After the muscle strain a few weeks ago, I did not skimp too much on a warmup (did a 3-minute long one) and then jumped into the run at 5.5mph.  I finished out the first mile, and then an upbeat song came on, so I bumped up the speed to 6mph for mile 2.  At the end of mile 2, I dropped back down to 5.5, but did not quite feel myself.  By 3.5 miles, I knew I was low, but refused to stop before 4 miles--not my wisest decision, but I run on a treadmill in my house so treatment was steps away.  When I finished, I immediately tested and was 57.  That's a HUGE drop!

Thank goodness I ordered some Clif Shot Bloks to try out.  Basically, they come in 6-packs of gummies.  3 gummies = 24 carbohydrates.  I plan to have 2 after mile 1 and 1 more after mile 3 while running 4 miles--it's going to be trial and error so we'll see.  In a few weeks, when I increase to 5 miles, I will adjust the amount based on my trials and errors along the way.  I'm just grateful there are options like this that don't require filling up my stomach like I used to have to do with gatorade in high school.  I am going to carry these around in my purse too as a quick and easy fix for low bloodsugar on the go.  That box cost $30 on so I will use other options when available if I'm not running.


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