Monday, October 8, 2012

Workout 187 & 188

I guess I never blogged about my last workout, but on Wednesday, I ran 3.1 miles at a 6mph pace and ended up with a badly strained something above my knee.  After 3 days of icing/heating it, I finally felt better yesterday, but waited until today to try to run again.

Tonight, I decided to be cautious and slow down my pace to 5.5mph.  I think I've found my pace!  I EASILY did 4 miles and would have kept going but I had VERY low bloodsugar at the end (it did not immediately occur to me that the racing heartbeat was from lowbloodsugar instead of the exercise).  I did not skimp on a warmup or cooldown this time and keep stretching just in case.

My first 5K is on Saturday and I'm sooooo excited!  My only goal is to run the whole time and finish.  Gavin will be competing in the 50-yard dash for which each kid gets a dog tag (or a small medal in Gavin's eyes).


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