Sunday, June 19, 2011

Workout 53 of 2011 (Circuits 1,2 & 7 of No More Trouble Zones)

Tonight I decided to revisit what might be my favorite of Jillian's DVDs, No More Trouble Zones.  Thanks to my workout inconsistency lately, my muscles are not as strong as they were and I had to use 2 pound weights for some of the exercises.  If you've never tried this DVD, you might not know it's pretty rigorous.  While you don't do any "cardio," your heart rate stays up thanks to all the compound movements.  I usually break a sweat midway through circuit one.   This evening, after circuits 1 and 2, my arms and legs were already shakey so I decided to just do one more--circuit 7.  That brings me to my favorite thing about this DVD, you can go to the circuit menu and mix up the order of the workout or choose only the circuits you want to do.  LOVE it!

Here's a preview of the DVD:


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