Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tip of the Week ~ Ditch the "fat" clothes

Weight Watchers taught me many things.
1. If you bite it, write it.
2. Butter spray is amazing on light popcorn.
3. Get rid of the clothes you shrink out of!

If you get rid of the big clothes, you have more incentive to stay fit.  If they are sitting around staring at you, they are a safety-net that I know you don't want to need.  So give them away.  Donate them to a good cause or have a garage sale and make some $.

Dress your body in clothes that fit!  I recently read somewhere that thin people are more likely to be hired than overweight people.  Interestingly, it's not a "fat' thing, it's a clothes thing.  People who are thin are more likely to wear fitted clothing that appears neater and more professional.  Overweight people tend to wear looser clothing that often comes off as sloppy.  So there's a lesson here for people of all shapes and sizes.  Wear fitted (this does not mean spandex-tight) clothing or at least the right size.  Wearing too big or too small may give off the wrong impression of your professionalism.  Food for thought, or well, clothes for thought.


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