Sunday, January 30, 2011

Workout #5 of 2011

After a fun weekend of eating lots of delicious--though not exactly healthy--food, I finally got the opportunity to workout.  I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and kinda wanted to stay on it just to keep reading Hunger Games (which I'm only allowed to read on the elliptical to keep me motivated to use the elliptical).  After that I did circuits 2 & 3 of No More Trouble Zones.

My diabetes is being a bit unmanageable since I've been consistently working out for a week.  I have decreased my basal rates significantly and think I'm going to have to do it again.  I tested before this workout and was 194 (1 hour post-dinner).  Unless I'm really high, I take my pump off to workout and today was no exception.  I just tested after finishing and was 74.  This proves 1 or both of 2 things.  One, it was an intense workout and/or two, my insulin adjustments are still not quite where they need to be while I'm such an exercise fiend.  (Side note, 74 is perfect but because I just finished a workout, it is likely it's just starting the slope downward and will need to be treated soon).

I'll keep making adjustments and hope I stay on this exercise regime (average 3 workouts a week) otherwise it could get very tricky if I don't stay consistent.  Right now I'm so motivated that I'm afraid I'll overdo it, get burned out, and stop--which is basically what happened last August.  I reached my goal and then could not find the motivation to continue.  My motivation at that time had been to fit in my clothes and weigh 140-145.  After getting there, it was hard to keep working out for health-sake or any other reason.

This time around, my goals are to have rockin' arms and decent abs.  This time is not about a number on the scale or a size of clothing.  I am content with those two things already.  So hopefully I will stick with a "normal" (3-4 times a week) not "crazy" (5-7 times a week) regimen   and not get burnt out!

Side Note: I did my first weekly weigh-in since December (at the doctor I was 146 right after Christmas) and on Friday weighed in at 142!  So I'm back in my 5 pound range! :)  I think only gaining 5 pounds between Turkey Day and Christmas is pretty good!  Especially since I lost 4 of them without really trying!

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