Monday, June 28, 2010

Workout 7 No More Trouble Zones

I did ALL 7 circuits without skipping anything!  I figured out my circuit 4 problem, start with circuit 4 to get it out of the way and the rest is not so bad.  It totally worked.  I did get interrupted SEVERAL times by Gavin and Kailee but I stuck it out and finished!  Now off to the shower because I am a sweaty, smelly, mess.

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  1. This DVD, along with 30 Day Shred and Boost Metabolism, is hard. But after every workout I feel AMAZING. Yes, I'm exhausted, sweaty, and my muscles are aching and trembling, but I feel energized and sharper mentally. I exercise five days a week, alternating workout videos, and take the weekends "off", during which I find I now have more energy to do everything from working in the garden to running around theme parks. I'm actually sleeping better too.