Thursday, June 17, 2010

I guess I never updated

I did finish the 30 day shred 2 Sundays ago.  My final weight after was 152.7 I think.  So after 30 workouts, I lost at least 5 pounds and 3 inches.  I then took over a week off from working out (figured I kinda deserved a break).

I weighed the other day and weighed 151.4 after taking a week off from working out.
Since then, I've begun doing No more Trouble Zones (another Jillian Michaels DVD).  This workout has 7 circuits combining abs and strength and some cardio.  On Tuesday, I made it through 3 circuits; today I made it through 4!  So that's progress.  I 100% believe I would not be able to do even that much if not for my dedication to the 30 day shred.

Oh and on a side note, I am squeezing in to a size 10 now and size 12 is definitely too big!  My favorite size 10 jeans still do not fit but they are a small 10 (closer to a size 8).

Off to the shower!

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