Monday, June 28, 2010

Workout 6 of No More Trouble Zones

I FINALLY did the entire workout (well, I only did half of circuit #4--which I HATE--but I did all of the other 6 circuits completely).  It was hard to do the entire thing but I am soooooo proud that I pushed through.  I think my favorite circuits are the last 2.  In my opinion they are easier, probably because they are at the end of the workout.  I wish circuit 4 were at the beginning to get it over with.  Of course, I can always do it first (you can pick chapters on the DVD).  Maybe I'll try that when I do it again, either today or tomorrow.  I may do one of the shred workouts today to give my body a slight break.  However, I want my weightloss to pick up again (I am stuck at 151.something).  When I go to the doctor on July 8th, I am DYING to weigh 149 or less to finally have broken the 150 mark.  It seemed to take forever to break 160 and it's taking forever to break 150.  Hopefully once I do it, I won't go back over 150 EVER AGAIN!!!!

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