Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1, Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred level 1

OMG!  I am hurting!  The cardio was not so bad--I have after all been taking nightly walks with the fam and working out on the elliptical so cardio is not my weak point.  The abs were a little hard but not too bad seeing as how I also have been doing my fair share of crunches.... Now about the strength training.... Um, yeah, my arms are weaklings!  Apparently the only muscles worked when picking up children are the same muscles worked in a curl-up.  Guess what, we only did curl-ups for like 30 seconds or a minute total.  The rest was just plain sad to watch--and yes, I had an audience.  I had a very fussy Kailee hanging over the edge of her swing yelling at me because she wanted out.  I also had a slightly pissed off Gavin standing in front of the TV telling me he wasn't going to be my bestfriend if I didn't give him my "blue-things."  If he told me one more time, "I never used those before, Mommy," I might have thrown one at him.

That workout kicked my butt but we shall see if it works!  I got the lightest weights at Walmart (3 pounds--which are APPARENTLY WAAAAAY too heavy for my arms) and just now went on amazon to buy 1lb and 2lb weights.  They have 2 day shipping so I'll suffer for a few days before getting to be more comfortable!

I weigh on Saturday and do measurements.  After that, I may do once a week weigh in and once a month measuring or I may just wait another month for it all....

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