Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Workout 69 of 2011 (Burn it up Dance Cardio)

Tonight I had a tough time deciding just which workout I wanted to do on-demand. I decided I felt like dancing and this workout delivered. I am not coordinated but I was able to keep up with most of his moves--though undoubtably looking ridiculous. It was a lot of fun but a bit rough on the knees when Billy Blanks Jr decided to go old school with the bouncing up and down aerobics class moves in the third dance genre. When next he went onto the Jive, my knees and side stitch (I drank a lot of water right before the workout--I know, bad judgement call) made me call it quits. So I got through 35 of the 55-minute workout--not bad!

I would do this workout again for sure, though I may skip the old school segment so I can do the Jive and find out what's in store for the finale.

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