Thursday, December 24, 2009

My first workout postpartum

So yesterday I had a HUGE pity party about the fact that I still fit in the same clothes I wore when I went back to work after having Kailee. I knew the only way I'd feel better would be if I did something about it, so I did! Brady cancelled our gym membership so the only option was to get outside.

Thankfully it was a warm last night... I downloaded a pedometer for my iphone, grabbed the pepper spray and took off. I only ran .72 mile but that's not bad for having not worked out in over a year. I came home, stretched, did crunches and ate a snack. My bloodsugars got a little out of wack during the night but exercising will help me control my type 1 diabetes better once I work out the kinks.

Here are my goals:
By the end of January--be able to run a mile comfortably in 10 minutes
By the end of February--be able to run 2 miles comfortably in 20 minutes
By the end of March--be able to run 3 miles comfortably in 30 minutes
By the end of April--be able to run 4 miles comfortably in 40 minutes

Summer hits early in Texas so I may go back to running 3 miles May-September but we'll see. I ran cross country in high school and hated running more than 3 miles in the summer (though the training plan got us up to 5 miles--for short distance runners--by August 1st). I don't want to hate running so I'm going to be realistic with my goals and try to make this fun.

I'm not going to put pressure on myself to run daily as that will make it not fun and not something I will stick to. I have secretly wanted to get back into running since college but most people weren't supportive. I also was a perfectionist and would give up when it was hard (I expected myself to jump into running 2-3 miles immediately when out of shape and would beat myself up when I couldn't). Last night my goal was to run to the end of our subdivision (.36 miles) and I managed to run there and home. I'm patting myself on the back for that.

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